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    Would love to...
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    London - long term friend with benefits. Online/in person

    Happy to chat and explore more, also part of a couple so we can all enjoy getting kinky together.
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    Couple looking for girl or right couple.

    G'day all, Jester M 40 and Queen F 42 Looking for something special and amazing memories, think that sounds fun? Up for being shared and completely pleased by a couple or watched by one as enjoy the other? Staffordshire based, can accom or travel. Both kinky but can play nice, pm or get in...
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    So im naughty!

    3somes wand watching her and a girl, or the moment she grabs my shaft pushing me into another woman as she watches.. Fuck just thinking that is good
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    Where Is the strangest place you’ve had sex?

    School library, fireside on a campsite with people still around the fire some watching on top of a climbing frame in playground during the day lol lots of fun to be had everywhere...
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    (Female) North east Uk

    Jestercage kik All welcome to add
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    Any couples up for cam with another couple?

    Half a couple here pm anytime.
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    Lesbian couple for threesome

    Will drop you a message xx
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    Can't stop thinking about it

    Dropping you a message xx
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    23-year-old female near Southampton

    Jestercage kik Just-Jester sc
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    Anyone up looking for GreenEyed and big boobs!

    Would love the opportunity xx
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    Eat me :P

    Local and willing, pm if serious and interested
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    Mmm just need to find some adventure.. Want to find some too?

    Mmm just need to find some adventure.. Want to find some too?
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    Eat me :P

    Not in Derby but close can travel or host, pm?