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Warning: If you send us messages regarding problems that are already discussed on this page, your messages will be ignored. If we believe that your message is an attempt to gain information or access in order to compromise an account that is not your own, your message will be ignored and your future messages may be blocked. We will not share user information, such as your username, password, or email address, and any messages requesting this information will be ignored.

Does my system support this chat?

  • Testing compatibility:
  • No: Your browser does not support our chat software. Upgrade your device, operating system, and/or web browser in order to use our chat software.
  • Partial: Your browser will probably only allow text chat. Try upgrading your operating system and/or web browser if you want to use webcams and microphones.
  • Yes: Your browser seems to fully support our chat software.

Is chat unsupported or not functioning properly?

If chat isn't working for you, or the above script reports that it shouldn't, there are things you can do. Upgrade your web browser -- try the latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox. Keep them up to date to make sure chat features will be supported as well as possible.

Chat will work best on devices and web browsers that support all standard HTML5 and Javascript features, such as WebRTC, WebWorkers, and WebSockets. Make sure you are also using a modern, supported operating system.

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If you've been banned, please use the Ban Form to dispute or question the ban, do NOT use the contact form below, it will not be addressed. Only complete the form once, multiple submissions for the same appeal will result in slower processing time.

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