The Future is Mobile Chat

Chat rooms have been fairly static for a long time. Interactivity was limited, even as chat moved from IRC to Java to Flash, and the experience focused primarily on desktop computer text chat. The past couple of years, however, have been a period of rapid development in this sector of online entertainment, with a big focus on streaming media, such as webcams and microphones, and text chat support on mobile phones. We here at UKChat have worked hard to unify those two areas of growth into one mobile compatible text, webcam, and microphone chat environment that works for just about everyone.

As third-party software was found to be more buggy and insecure than was ever previously realized, web browsers have shut out plugins like Flash and Java on the desktop, while mobile devices almost never supported such software. We built around that, using only HTML5 and Javascript -- native features of all modern web browsers, regardless of device. As a result, our mobile chat software is compatible with most browsers and devices without requiring you to install any extras. No plugins. No third-party software. It just works.

As technology moves forward, chat rooms, too, will continue to evolve. We aim to keep at the forefront of chat technology to provide you the easiest, most feature rich, and still light-weight web chat environment. The days of bloated chat software that requires Flash or Java are gone, and now the mobile phones and tablets that have become so important to us over the last decade or so, even though they do not run hardware as powerful as desktops do, are free to join the party thanks to UKChat's light weight HTML5 and Javascript chat rooms, which work perfectly on your home computer as well as mobile phones.

While we are not the first to provide mobile chat, we're already one of the few that allows the full experience provided by older chat client software like 123FlashChat across all mobile devices, and we wlll continue to strive to be the best. So far, we are unique in our full support of our entire featureset -- text chat, webcams, and microphones -- across all devices. Anyone can enjoy a free cam chat on their phone or tablet. No other mobile chat software can compete!

Chatting on your mobile phone has never been easier. No separate logins or redirection are required; the same chat app that runs on your desktop computer also runs on your phone. Our seamless mobile chat transition is the reason why our free UK mobile chat service is the best in the UK and growing bigger and faster than any other mobile chat rooms service.