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Welcome to our free online chat rooms. The following are our official rooms, for countries, regions, and topics relevant to chatters in the UK. These rooms are moderated by UKC staff and volunteers and are the more popular chat rooms that we host. All rooms are free, mobile compatible, support webcam and microphone, and do not require registration,

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Chat Room Topic Online Users
#Naughty General naughty sex chat for adults. (18+) English only. Instead of challenging the mods, fill out an app. Thank you 148
#Kinky Kinkayyyyy. Get your kink on, but no incest or taboo. 18+ Bow Chicka Wow Wow 57
#LGBT Its okay to be Gay! Support each other! No homophobia!! 18+ 16
#Roleplay Be Whoever you want to be, in RP!!! (NO TABOO OR INCEST!) 11
#GayChat Gay chat for men. (18+) 10
#Scotland Chat for adults in Scotland. (18+) 7
#Lesbian NO MEN no dick pics. Don't report dudes. We know they are here, just block em. K Thanx Chat! 7
#Expats Chat for expats from the UK living abroad. (18+) 1
#England Chat for adults in England. (18+) 1
#Northern-Ireland Chat for adults in Northern Ireland. (18+) 1
#Wales Chat for adults in Wales. (18+) 1

User Created Rooms

The following are user-created chat rooms administered by our users. Topics and content are under user control in these rooms. They are not moderated by UKC staff, so enter at your own discretion. Webcam and microphone functions are still supported here.

Chat Room Topic Online Users