UKChat: Number One for Adult Sex Chat

When it comes to old-school adult sex chat rooms, your options are limited in this day and age. Chat rooms, although still heavily used, are not nearly as popular as they used to be, with the rise of social media and phone apps connecting people in tighter, more controlled networks. Chat rooms like ours, however, give you a broad assortment of people to talk to even outside your Facebook friend network, so chat sites are still relevant and useful. Additionally, our chat rooms use exclusive chat room software built in-house by us, so only a handful of websites in the world will give you the kind of chat experience we can provide. Our software works flawlessly on mobile and desktop devices. You can even video cam chat from your smart phone, depending on the device.

We have a large selection of adult chat rooms to choose from, for people of every sexuality, gender, interest, and location.

  • Naughty is our general sex chat room and catch-all for all your adult interests. It is the default room for general sex chat.
  • Kinky is for people into BDSM chat and other kink related topics, where you can find interested like minded people.
  • Roleplay is for the crowd that like to endulge in fantasy role playing scenarios that also get very kinky.
  • Gay, Lesbian, and LGBT are where you can hook up with people of your own sexuality or talk about general topics without straight interference.
  • England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland let you talk to people in your area about all sorts of topics.

Thousands of people in the UK come to our chat rooms every day to enjoy a care-free sex chat experience, ranging from the personal to the completely anonymous. You do not have to register in our chat rooms to use them, but it's suggested that you do to unlock more features, make use of the sex forums, and more.