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    OK i swear 100% this is a true story

    My first ever time out as jessy,
    Ive been a cd/tv forever but didint really take it seriously untill about 5 years ago, i came out to friends and family and really started working on being the girl you all know now im not full time i live as a guy i dress when i have time so i joined a lot of groups and sites looking for support.
    I found a site made some friends and got invited to go out clubbing to T-girl event. I was desperate to finally get out so agreed.
    The plan was to ride my motorbike up during the day change in my friends hotel room then after clubbing back to hotel then ride home......
    I stayed sober all night and the things i got up to are for a different thread i think ;)
    We reached the end of the night and taxid back to the hotel i grabbed my gear put on my waterproofs and left to get on the bike (still totally jessy under my helmet and waters)
    here we go

    My bike wouldnt start its 4 am.....i think to myself well maybe i need to switch to reserve so i do and the bike starts, half lost i try to make my way through milton keynes!
    .........and then........both my rear and front bulb blew!!!!!
    Its 4:30 i am at the side of the road its dark im knackered my false boobs are sweaty and my mascara is starting to harden like rock!
    So there i sit waiting for the sun to come up so i can ride home when......... the police pull up, needless to say this all took a HUGE amount of explaining and they were very nice considering i must have looked and sounded like a gibbering idiot but after a breathaliser and liscence check these gallant fellows.......left me at the side of the road after having told me told me if i got on the bike before 6 they would arrest me!
    Its 6 am I get on my bike and now worried about petrol head to a garage...ever been to milton keynes? theres one garage and its fucking hidden!!!!!!!! you cant to the bloody thing unless you know the place backwards!
    Its 6:30 i get to a petrol station i go to fill up.....2.50.......i hadnt needed to switch at all my bike had just been a cunt! again! evr tryed to pay for only 2.50's worth of petrol? they dont like that
    the guy is stressing at me im exhausted covered in makeup and just about to pop when he says "look mate we cant sell that amount"
    "mate" MATE!!!!
    I stare the guy in the face and say "you have no fucking IDEA what ive gone through tonight young man so ima put the 2.50 there on the counter and leave what you do after that is your fucking problem"
    6:35 i head home got lost on the way should have taken hour and a half took three hours!!!!

    Anywhoo That is why nothing about being jessy scares me anymore! i tell it with laughter everytime as it really is a typical my kinda life story!
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    Come down south

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