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Feb 1, 2021
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I really like the idea of my wife ignoring me as I guck her. Basically she lays there uninterested, watching tv or chatting to her mates on the phone as I just pound away at her.


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Mar 20, 2018
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Oh no I’m in Scotland! Very far away

I love you’d help me with my quest, haha good word to use.

Would you be fucking me or watching me?
I would take you from behind, licking your neck and teasing your earlobe, then I'd put my fingers in your hair and pull forcing your back to arch, whispering you all the things I'm about to do to you. Spank your ass with my free hand and force your legs to open. I'd grab your panties and pull them up, just enough to put a bit of pressure on your pussy. Then I'd find my way inside you with my fingers. All the while maintaining control over you pulling your hair and forcing you to arch even more and thus help me finger you. I'd continue until your pussy would drip, drip, drip. Only then I'd start fucking you. Bending you over, almost folding on yourself , knees bent, tits loose and touching your legs with my cock shoved deep inside you. I'd pound you until your legs begin to shake then as they give out , I will keep you up by strength of arms and keep hammering at your pussy, until you howl in pleasure....
So I guess, yeah, I'd definitely will not be watching .


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