1. Adamski

    BI, Athletic smooth and hung!

    Looking for filthy fun, love to suck cock as well as licking a pussy. Free tonight in Coventry area.
  2. Bigjugs

    Smooth Saturday

    Its sexy time :D(and yes I need ma nails done later)
  3. ScotJord

    That ole time of year is almost upon us. ⛄

    Where's all the sexy Christmas pics?
  4. M


    Hi everyone
  5. H


  6. F

    Hedonist in North Warwickshire

    Hi, thanks for reading my post. I am a fit, slim, smooth (all over) person who likes to pleasure both sexes, either one on one or both sexes at the same time. I am very sexually creative, completely unselfish and actively submissive. Discreet, very clean, plenty of energy. Would love to fit...
  7. F

    A Sensual Hedonist, androgynous male with a bisexual attitude to all sex

    Hi, and thanks for looking at my profile :) I am completely genuine and discreet. LOOKING FOR: I am looking for sensual to down right raw, unhurried, sexy meetings - though a quickie now and again is OK too. I love naked body contact, including kissing. I like, assertive men, alpha males or...
  8. Serena

    Face Sitting

    Yes, face sitting I love doing it! Nothing more sexual and pussy squirting then having a face under you. I love to smother someone's face must point out (Do let them get air)!! and let them rim my asshole and pussy until I climax all over there face! I can ride someone's face for hours if they...
  9. Samsmooth

    Just a horny hubby

  10. Junglefevers1980

    Monday morning

    Its Monday again. How I feel every morning is show in the picture. If you wanna chat kik me skinnyblonde1980
  11. Junglefevers1980

    Gay Men

    Any gay men in like straight guys I have never had a gay friend I'm afraid. Maybe my sex life would of been different if I had been friends with a gay guy. Have been told by women that by best physical feature is my bum so your in into bums and trust a woman's opinion maybe we could be friends.
  12. SexyScarlett

    Rub it in

  13. F

    freckles - North Warwickshire - L00king for unhurried Sex.

    I am an easy going versatile/bottom man. I am slim physically fit with a small frame and a nice tight body. I am smooth all over, always very clean and smell good too, quite Androgynous, some would say sissy. I will dress for you if you insist, but its not essential for me to enjoy myself. I am...