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    Hi, changed my chat size from 16 to 18 now can't see anything, just get a massive black screen. Moving it about it says login in large letters... Help
    hope you can help I want to change my name from santos68 to simmo68, hope you can help me
    well hopefully you might be able to tell me when bans are lifted as my ban was unjust and some guest said something i disagree with
    hi ,,, i was banned for ...... doxxing?????????........ i only posted gif of girl flshing
    Why am I "not authenticated"? I am a member and am not able to use the chat rooms? Please can you help by sorting this? Thanks. Steve

    I was banned for something, which I didnt post. I have been mistaken for someone with a similar name. My guest name is irish33. I think I was confused for Irishman. I am trying to get this sorted. Please help.
    i was banned ,,, it said pic was under age ,,, the pic has been on this site a few times with no issue, why was i banned
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