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  • Hi, Brucey, it`s happened again, all I got this timeis ewhore, not sure what that is, sounds like a Poo bear character, fuck it I`m not bothering any more so will have to say good by, can you let Shaz know too, I hate this, these dick heads need to get this right, 3 times in as many weeks, what`s going on? Samantha xxx
    Hi Brucey, the idiots have done it again, this time claiming I`m under 18, it`s a nice compliment but I missed that age by 42 years, have appealed again so see what happens, they need to get this problem of banning sorted out, maybe chat again, who knows x
    Hi Brucey, it`s Samantha, I got problems with my account, in my absence it seems to have been banned, no idea why, had`nt been on for a few days and went to log on, it lets me do that but when I try to get in to chat it tells me my account is banned, have sent them message and hope its sorted out soon so we can chat again, can you let Shaz know what`s happened too, hope to chat soon, Samantha xxx
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