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  • Well! Was I there I.wonder! Hope well, catch U.again soon perhaps.
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    The sweet taste of you lingers on my lips long after you've turned away and departed and I wonder is that all. How can one so loving also be so dangerous, and there is danger I can sense it. But risk is a toll that must be paid in the search for life's true treasure.
    Beautiful words
    And as you part your lips and pull me closer by my waist, I press my lips to yours. Kissing you lovingly, stroking your cheek softly and my other hand brings your chin closer to mine as I break away after turning completely breathless.
    I look into your eyes and smile softly before leaning in and placing my forehead on yours. Our deep breaths synchronise slowly as i raise and tilt my head so my lips brush against yours.
    People would describe it to be just a knock before the blood bath began. And i was so ready to take them down. But then a something knotted in my abdomen and something rang in my ears as my eyes go black and body bathed in crimson.
    "knock knock, my aunts are back"


    On a snowy night, maybe days earlier since the killings started. I spotted a little girl begging for me to help her aunts, they were trapped and not in a very good shape. I refused knowing the tales of the little niece of the great demoness' Lilth and Lamashtu.

    What a fantastic and detailed profile page about you. What an immigration you have. "All the better to please you with".

    I only swang by to say hi and scrawl something inain on your wall as it was empty.

    Enjoy your time here perhaps drop me a DM. & remember...have fun.
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