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    Bi guy seeking wank buddy

    Stansted here, not far.. PM me
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    Anyone in Essex?

    Looking for male or female...? Bi curious male here from Bishops Stortford too...
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    Mature bi looking for some fun

    Hey Charlie Same situation here, and I am from Stansted so really close to you... We should chat sometime.. Not a couple, though, just bi...
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    arse fuck

    Man, what a cock... Would you fuck my ass...? Man, that is awesome
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    Essex Required

    Hey, WhiteGuyChelmsford, I live in Stansted, what are you guys looking for...?
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    Kent anyone?

    Hi, Mariposa... I can be easily travel to Kent... Takes me about half an hour...
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    Bi guys in and around Worthing

    I am in the same mindset as all of you and would love to get involved as well... Not from Worthing but can easily travel (im about an hour away)...
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    Introducing Myself

    Absolutely, no problem with that..
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    Introducing Myself

    I wrote a lot and forgot to say where I am from.. I live in the Stansted area.. Vikingrad, so Bristol just a bit far...
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    Introducing Myself

    Hi, everyone, I joined a few weeks ago and decide to do my introduction, let you know a bit about me, and hopefully find someone, that is like minded, into a bit of fun and good times and some adventures along the way... Name is Jon, nearing 40 years old, 5'8" 70kg, married with 2 kids...
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    Hello, there... Love the thong... x

    Hello, there... Love the thong... x
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    bisex cuirious

    Where you from muff..?
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    bisex cuirious

    This is a great reply... Ifancyolder, I am looking for my first bi experience, and by this answer, I think we could get along nicely, as I think in a similar manner and am in same situation (as in married, and looking for some cock on the side)... You are not far... We should chat sometime...