, 5 months old


Thank you to everyone who is part of making such a success. We're 5 months into the launch of the new chat site and have seen exceptional growth. We're proud of what we're accomplished to date and very happy that we're quickly becoming the premiere free adult chat site in the UK. We continue to break records on a regular basis with user activity which is why our sex chat rooms are bursting with activity around the clock. There is never a dull moment regardless of what time you log in to chat, there are always interested and respectful adults looking for consensual adult chat.

We put our growth and success down to our experienced management team and how we are able to get things done. is part of a network partnered with, both sites offer unique chat experiences. These sites were formally known as UkChatters and prior to that, UkChatterbox. Only until now has this community witnessed growth and we're confident that the trend will only continue. Mobile chat rooms were the first step to gaining traction on a uphill trend, from there we added video chat capability making it possible for our users to cam chat with one another as well as voice chat (even directly from your mobile phones!). The ability to post media directly into the chat rooms has also enhanced the chat experience.

The future is looking bright, our primary goal is of course the intention of becoming the #1 online sex chat site for the UK and plan on doing this by constantly updating out custom built chat room software making the chat experience easier to use, more friendly for your device and with updated features that enable you to get more from your free chat experience. Updating our website and continuing to be there for our user base, hearing their concerns and addressing them in a timely manner.

Thanks again for being part of the best that UK Chat has to offer! Whether you're in Wales, England, Scotland or Ireland (not to forget our expats that use the chat rooms world wide) you're forever welcome and we hope you enjoy your time spent with us!