Move Over, Men: Sex Chat is For Women

UKChat provides some of the best registration-free online sex chat rooms to adults all across the UK. It might be seen, at times, as a bit of a boys' club, but did you know that women are allowed to love our adult chat, too? This may surprise you, especially if you're a man reading this. The world is not your oyster. Make room for the women!

How to Enjoy Sex Chat More (For Women)

Online sex chats can be a difficult environment for women. There are so many men, coming in from all directions, delivering tired, copy-and-paste lines. Even a simple "hello", after you've got it fifty times in a row, grates on the nerves, and assures you that a message is boring. Fortunately, we've got a list of three simple tips that can help save your chat experience from all that banal-at-best desperate drive-by messaging.

Use Automatic Blocking

Our new chat software lets you avoid a lot of unwanted hassle automatically, with a little bit of setup. In our options menu ("Menu," represented by a gear icon, and "Options" within that), look for the "Private Messages" tab. It contains four check boxes, and you can use any of them, depending on the degree to which you want to prevent being messaged.

  • If you're fine with the messages you're getting, but don't want them to show up in the foreground and take over whatever else you're doing, make sure "Open Private Messages in Background" is checked.
  • If you just don't want messages from unregistered strangers, check "Block private from guest users."
  • If you don't want men to send you private messages, check "Block private from male users." (You can block private messages from female and undeclared users as well, if you would like.)
  • If you don't want private messages even from people on your friends list, you can check the aforementioned options, as well as uncheck "Always Allow Friend PMs" -- and you'll be in sort of do-not-disturb mode.
  • Finally, you can disable private messages altogether by unchecking "Enable Private Messages."
  • For an added layer of silence, you can check "Block Whispers," so that no one can send you those in-line private messages in the chat rooms.

Don't worry too much about accidentally shutting out conversation with people who you might want to send private messages to. At any time, if you want to send a private message to someone, even if you have automatically blocked them -- even if you've disabled private messages -- you can initiate a private message session. The above settings simply prevent receiving messages from people you haven't initiated conversation with during the current chat session. Even two people who have blocked each other from sending private messages to each other can whitelist each other by sending one private message each to each other, after which both parties will be able to chat privately.

Use Manual Blocking

Depending on how you configure the above automatic blocking settings, you may find yourself happy with the outcome, or you may want even more silence. We also provide manual blocking. Any problem user that you don't want to see anymore, you can simply click their name, and you will have a "block" option that will hide their messages so that you don't have to see them. Finally, you can sort the intelligent, compelling conversation from the inane drivel.

Be Suspicious

Generally, it is enough to block messages from men, and maybe even unregistered guests. You'll catch most of the potential nuisances this way and have a nice, smooth chat experience. However, you know how men can be. They love to infiltrate womens' spaces at times. You have to be suspicious. Any person messaging you might be someone you don't want to talk to, even if their gender is set to female. Watch their behavior for that certain rushed eagerness of someone who just wants to jerk off to your pictures, for that entitlement to your time.

For the Men Reading This

If you're a straight man, as most of our users probably are, we know you want women. Respecting womens' privacy, boundaries, and consent, and being honest, are the way to make women love joining sex chat rooms like this one. Be a gentleman. Be considerate. Don't inundate women with inane private messages lacking any kind of substance. Don't open with dick pics. Try to display some sort of intelligence and value. Help us make this sex chat successful, not just for us, but for you!