Sex Chat Etiquette

Sex Chat Rooms can be a bit of a free for all. Usually, there will be more men than women, but real women who are looking for partners for online cyber sex chat, and even local hookups, do use our rooms. You heard right: Some girls using the chat rooms are interested in meeting for sex tonight in and around your local area. You just have to present yourself the right way to increase your chances of finding what you're looking for. The problem is that everyone else is doing the same. Ask yourself: Why should she pick you?

Don't Panic

First, don't worry too much. On one hand, if you try too hard, that'll come through in your attitude, and you'll be seen as desperate. Additionally, one of the most important factors is being there at the right time in the right place. There could be women in your town looking to show you a good time at any time of day, and if you're here, you're off to a good start. There's a large element of luck involved. Knowing this, there are still things you can do to increase your chances of success, so relax and read on.

Competition Isn't What You Think

You must realize that you're in competition for girls' attention in chat rooms like ours. As we've acknowledged, there will always be more men than girls sex chatting. As a result, women are in a position to be picky. In fact, women are so inundated with inane drivel that some men think is sexy that women have to be picky. So, this is a really important part of your approach: Competition isn't what you think. That is, it shouldn't be undertaken the way that you might assume. It's not primal in an environment like this; the competition is not won on physical strength, or even on looks.

Politeness, Consideration, Respect

Politeness is the first step, and a major indicator that you are deserving of a woman's attention. This applies to how you treat other men in the chat rooms, too! For instance, when you greet the room, "hello ladies" could be read as an indication of a single-mindedness that will result in disrespectful treatment. Greet everyone and show them that you're a real stand-up guy who is here for a good time in a social environment where you can act like a human being.

Once you're chatting, feel free to share pictures. That's what we coded that function for, after all. However, be considerate of all chatters, men and women alike. It's a bad idea to share pictures of your genitals, especially closeup shots, especially ungroomed, and most especially when taken on the toilet. If you're a straight man, you know why a lot of men might consider this inconsiderate, but it might surprise you to know that there are other types of people, too. Lesbians obviously don't want to see that, and they're here to have a good time, too. Moreover, the straight women in the room -- the ones you are pursuing -- probably don't want to meet someone whose first impression was made with a dick pic. You might think you're rolling the dice on whether some woman out there will think you have a nice dick, but the impression you would be making is that you are inconsiderate, invasive, disrespectful of boundaries, and so on. Don't worry. Anyone who wants to see your dick will ask. It is not taboo here.

Imagine a scenario in a local pub. If you walked in and exposed yourself to the nearest woman, not only would she probably not be interested, but you'd probably be arrested. Remember: Giving the impression that you are polite is important, and you need to present yourself as a fun person here for a good time in a social setting, just like at the pub. Women know how to use the block function. They have to.


The next thing you can do to help yourself stand out is work on your presence. That's pretty easy in our chat rooms. Register so that you're not an unregistered guest -- many women will be instantly suspicious of men who are not registered. Once you've registered, create your profile. Next, upload a flattering picture and write some interesting things about yourself so that people can learn about you in a way that you control. There's a double benefit to this: If they browse your profile, it's okay for you to talk about yourself there without seeming self-absorbed, and it saves you from typing the same things over and over again. (Just because you've done this doesn't mean you can open with messages as short as "hi" though!)

Once you're relaxed and ready for a good time, primed yourself to compete respectfully for womens' attention, and thought about how to be as polite, considerate, and respectful as you can be, you're ready for success in our sex chat rooms!