Tips for Having A Great Time In Online Chat Rooms

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Respect the chat room rules.

Any good chat room will have clear rules that spell out what is right and wrong. If you break them, they will throw you out. As you can guess, you won’t have a great time if you are kicked out, will you? Many chat rooms have regulations on the words you can and can’t use, questions you can and can’t ask. Others have themes and even roleplays that all participants need to stick to. To ensure that you aren’t kicked out, whenever you join a chartroom, check the room rules and ensure that you abide by them.

Add value to the chat. 

In any chat room, you will find different types of people. There is always the usual “Fuck Boy” who only wants to see tits or ass, and this is all they talk about. As you can tell, this annoys other people in the room.  The second one is “Prince Charming.” They are in the room to say all the nice things. But imagine someone telling everyone that their eyes, lips, ass, and tits are beautiful.  After a while, this gets annoying. You should aim for the third one. The smart and funny one. The best pick-up lines are the corniest, and if you can make people laugh, they will notice you, and you will have a good time.  While you should strive to add value to the chat, you should be cautious not to break the bar rule.  The rule states that if you can’t do it in a bar, don’t do it in a chat room.  As much as you want to liven up a chatroom, don’t jump into conversations already going on and try to force them to go in a different direction. You wouldn’t walk up to a group of people talking about cars in a bar and start talking about cats, would you? So, stay on topic and don’t cut in.

Avoid controversial topics.

There are many topics that people prefer to avoid talking about. Politics is a clear example. No one ever feels good talking about politics. Either they get upset that other people don’t agree with them or that not enough people agree with them. Add religion and rising gas prices to the mix, and you have a ticking time bomb. People don’t talk about these things in sex chatrooms unless they have a thing for corrupt politicians in single-breasted suits or nuns in habits that cover everything but their faces. To have a great time, avoid controversial topics at all costs. 

Use trigger warnings when discussing extreme topics.

If you want to start a chat that could be dangerous, make sure to use trigger warnings. Of course, you don’t need them for everything, but you probably know which topics need a trigger warning.  If you’re talking about the plain old sex or mild foot fetish such as lena paul's feet, there’s no need to give any kind of warning. But if you want to talk about bondage and humiliation, you have to give other people in the chat room a fair warning. You should note that it’s not all the time that the other participants will want to join the chat. If you start a conversation and the other participants aren’t interested in it, respect their decision and don’t throw tantrums or be rude.   As a general rule, you shouldn’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to be done to you.

Don’t give suggestions to participants.

Some participants want to be told what to do and might be open to that. Most of the time, they’ll say it somewhere in their profile.  But if this isn’t the case, don’t tell them what to do or bother them if they don’t. Also, don’t say, “you’d look better if you smiled,” or “you should change how you dress.” It doesn’t work in real life, so that it won’t work online.

Request more private sessions.

Privates are the perfect place to get close, feel safe, and grow your confidence. When you go on a private with a participant you like, it’s like going on a date in person, but online.  You’ll have the member all to yourself to talk more, get to know each other better, and, if you want, take things to the next level. When you find a participant you like, ask them to chat in private so that you can get to know them better.  While some members are eager to go on private sessions, some might not do private because they have had bad experiences in the past.  You should never pressure a member to go private with you. When you convince them to do it, ensure they have a great time. You don’t want to leave a bitter taste in their mouth and remind them why they never wanted a private in the first place. 

Parting shot.

So, there you have it. It’s not rocket science to have a great time in the chatroom, is it? Even the craziest places on Earth have rules, so it’s natural for sex chat rooms to have rules too.  The key to having fun in a sex chatroom is to take time to learn the rules and follow them. Remember that if you do or say something against the chatroom rules, you will be kicked out, and you don’t want this to happen to you, do you?