Free Video Cam Chat

We support all methods of expressing yourself online in the chat rooms. From old school text chatting to live video cam chatting and mic chat, is one of the very few sites that supports all three of these features equally on both your home computer and your mobile phone. Our unique chat software is unrivaled, and it is what makes us the fastest growing UK Chat Room site on the web today.

You don't need to be on webcam yourself to view other users. Our advanced privacy options allow you to control who views your webcam, allowing no one to view unless you authorize them to do so; simply visit the Options menu to enable this setting by default for all future webcam sessions. The same goes for hearing your voice on microphone. This is all completely free; chatters don't even need to register to be able to use the video chat and mic chat features.

To use your webcam and/or microphone, just click the webcam icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, then select what you want to publish, whether you want to video chat only, use just audio, or engage in cam chat and mic chat both. If you do this and see a notification message in the active chat room, visit our Help page for more information on diagnosing these problems and to test to see if your device/browser supports cam chatting. If all goes well, a box with a preview of your cam feed should appear to let you know you're good to go!

From here, you can check the "Private" box to make it so other users can't see you unless you allow them. Having done that, when someone clicks the cam icon next to your name, a prompt will appear to allow you to accept or deny the request. You can also see who is currently watching or hearing you, and kick people off your stream if you don't want them to see or hear you anymore!