Chat Safety

The biggest danger in the chat rooms -- and this goes for all chat services, not just our chat site -- is you. Lack of education and understanding of the common threats is the reason why spam and scams are such a big deal. Stupid horny guys not seeing the threat and thinking penis first are why chat rooms are heavily targeted by professional spammers/scammers. Our chat site is using unique in-house technology that results in more blocked spammers and scammers than any other chat room site out there -- one of the many reasons our rooms are getting more and more traction every day -- but it's still a good idea to understand the threat and what you can do to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of.

You're here to chat and have fun, not get an education, so here's a brief list. The following are some things you can understand and watch out for to help you protect yourself:

  • The Target: That's you. First and foremost, men are the primary targets of most spammers out there. Scammers will use the things you want to make you open up. Men are most often the ones at risk to the types of scams found in chat rooms.
  • Vulnerability: Links: Do not click on links posted by other members unless you know the site in question and are sure it is spelled correctly (rather than a similar domain name that is not the genuine article. Links are used as either traps to get you to sign up somewhere, or worse, are methods of distributing viruses.
  • Vulnerability: Personal Information: Do not give any personal information about yourself that can be used to identify you as an individual, such as place of work, phone number, address, or even your Skype handle.
  • Tool: Common Sense: Use common sense. Use your brain before you use your dick. For instance, in the case of that girl saying her private pictures can be found at some random link? Look at what the link is before you dive in head first.

In More Detail

If you're a man in our chat rooms, you're likely to be approached by a female chatter that is for some reason far too eager to show you, out of the hundreds of horny guys online, her pictures and videos or to cam chat with you. This in itself is suspicious and should set alarm bells ringing, but obviously far too many men fall for this, because the scammers are still doing it rather than moving on to a different approach.

Don't bother to think of someone using this approach as a woman that you can reason or negotiate with. You're probably dealing with an individual who is copying and pasting text and links to hundreds of different users at a time and trying to make money in small scores from several men like you, either offering pictures they scraped from various websites for sale, or closing the deal, getting your money, and moving on without delivering, Worse yet, you could be dealing with someone who is focusing on fewer people, but hoping to make a bigger score; these people will employ extortion tactics, such as capturing your webcam or taking note of your personal information, and then threatening to expose you to your family, wife, church, and so on, unless you pay a larger sum of money.

Often, you can detect a spammer by the language they use. A very rudimentary understanding of English, coupled with a focus on "horny" terminology that is inexpertly applied and not very descriptive (for instance, "play my pussy" is one I see a lot) can be a tell, for those spammers who are trying to make small scores from hundreds of men. Try to converse naturally with people who approach you. Not only is it respectful and more interesting to engage in a little bit of banter before jumping straight to sexting, but spammers will be completely uninterested in this, and will therefore give themselves away. If they're willing to engage, though, you've probably got a real girl on your hands!

This approach may not work for the second type, the dedicated scammer who is focused on fewer targets, or just you. They may be willing to engage in banter, to some degree, to get things rolling so they can get what they want from you, especially if they can get you to expose more personal information while doing so. Keep as much personal information as possible in your control and out of scammers' hands. If they're fine with what you give them, though, then you can be confident you're chatting with someone who just wants to have a good time.

Remember also that you don't have to go anywhere. You can chat with live horny girls totally free on our site, and even view their webcams and listen to their microphones. No matter what advertisements say, nobody out there offers a guarantee that you can find women that respond at their site. The safest thing you can do is stay right here, chatting anonymously at our site. Don't fall for the drive-by users who ask the entire room to join them at their Skype, Snapchat, Kik, and so on.

Most of all:

  • Use common sense. Think brain-first.
  • Use the report feature to help us lock down spam and scams. Be descriptive so that we have enough information to act on.
  • If it's too good to be true, it probably is.