whats your sexual fantasy .... with who and for how long?

Discussion in 'Bondage' started by Cypher, Feb 8, 2018.

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    Jan 12, 2018
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    whats your sexual fantasy .....with who and for how long?
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    When I was in my early 20's out with a group if workmates, 2 ladies in their forties attached to our group as they were being hassled by other guys. I went to leave early as I was quite drunk so was going home rather than stay at a mates house. The 2 ladies asked for a cab share so I agreed. I was bundled out at their place, stripped, blindfolded and tied to the bed. Despite being drunk they got a rise out of me and took it in turns riding my cock and my tongue. Sucked me, and other things best not mentioned here.
    Woke up untied in between them and had another session mmm.
    My mate was surprised when I popped to his on Sunday morning first think lol
    Repeated this another3 times over a year, but then they fell out and it all stopped :(
    Would love to try this again mmm xx

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