Hi from a totally perverted male over 40

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    Hi all straight male with great girlfriend, tall, black/grey hair, slim, large thick cock, big hands! Girlfriend wants to try another woman later this year

    Into nearly everything since a teenager when i exposed myself to my aunt, then my cousin and then my friends mum. My aunt encouraged it and if you ask i may tell you about that.

    My girlfriend recently set it up so that she came back with her friends while i sat naked in the front room playing with myself

    I love the risk, recently driving 50 miles with us both naked, only today i was sat in a meeting carefully getting my dick out while sat next to a hot 45 year old

    I have exposed myself at a party

    I love to bind my cock

    Would love to be pegged

    Enjoy writing sex stories and exchanging pics

    Have a friend who lets me get naked at her house, although caught recently by her friend (actually started to cum as she walked into the kitchen)

    Not much i won't try but not bi or gay (each to their own)

    Women/couples message me
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    Always interested in good story tellers, your bio sounds intriguing x

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