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    I am an easy going versatile/bottom man. I am slim physically fit with a small frame and a nice tight body. I am smooth all over, always very clean and smell good too, quite Androgynous, some would say sissy. I will dress for you if you insist, but its not essential for me to enjoy myself.

    I am Looking for sexual adventures with another man. I just want to meet a like-minded person who I can trust enough to satisfy both His and my sexual fantasies whatever they might be. I am always respectful and can be sexually creative and adventurous.

    I love naked body contact, including kissing. I am instinctively bottom, but I can be versatile with the right partner (someone smooth & built like me). There is a slightly submissive side to me, which is open to be exploited and developed if that is your wish, otherwise just forget I mentioned it. I am also happy to roleplay - if you take the lead.
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