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    I wanna hear some filthy stories you've got up to from people on here?

    New here and want some motivation to stick around :p
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    I was 17 and had a Gf who was sex mad ..and up for anything..taking her virginity and doing all we could, on a phone call one night she asked me what I wanted to do to I told her that when I see her from behind in her gstring that I get so turned on I want to fuck her ass..
    She said ok then..the next time we meet she strips off only a gstring and shakes her ass ..boom she sat on it..I give it doggy and cum so hard she felt the eruption in her ass..
    Unknown to me while on the phone she was letting her mate listen...and as girls do told her about the bum sex...
    I then see her mate at a house party some weeks later and we start talking with her admitting she heard the phone call..and loved the story about me actually fucking her mates ass..stating it really turned her on ..but she wanted to have a little extra and I was to do it..
    She started giving me oral turned me around and licked my ass out...never having this before I was bulging like fuck..but she stopped I turned around and her clothes are off just in a gstring wiggling her ass...making me rub her clit whilst stood from behind and kissing her neck she demanded to have her ass ate out and clit rubbed together. .she climaxed hard and rubbed her cum around her ass hole and over my cock urging me to fuck her hard and deep in the glory hole..talking filthy and scratching and rubbing my balls my cock was rock hard and I cum like never before...
    With a great satisfaction I lay there and a sudden rise of guilt and oh no not the mrs mate she turns to me and said don't worry I won't tell..I can't be known as the slag who fucked her best mates fella and lost her anal virginity first..lmao xxx
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