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    Picture roulette

    Creative suggestions down below, ladies choice
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    Sunday treat

    A little pyjamas Sunday treat for the ladies. If this gets attention might post another one.
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    Dick and body

    Is it to bushy? Should I shave?
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    Wank challenge

    Need a wank challenge
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    Good afternoon ladies

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    Mirror mirror on the wall

    This lockdown got me going crazy, horny
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    Naked photoshoot

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    I'm back

    For now atleast... :)
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    I was bored

    I'm wilded up up
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    Who would YOU fuck?

    We had a similar thread done by @ValerieC, she asked a question about what is fuckable to us. Now I'm asking you to put pictures of women or guys you would fuck the most in this world if you could. It can be more then one if you are indecisive.
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    I need a hand

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    Happy hump day

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    Let's get this gear dirty

    Clothes on, bare skin off
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    Time for a guilty late night snack

    I am at fault of having to much late night snacks so my bum got bigger
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    Morning wood

    Woke up with this harder then usual morning boner
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    Everyone Ass out

    Let's get those bums out, weekend ass fest
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    Forgot to post the stuffer for the stuffing yesterday ;)