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  1. DorianGrey

    Gifs that turn you on

  2. DorianGrey

    1st time flashing - play nice

    I would enjoy toying with those breasts. Escalate the tension, play with your sense until you'd beg for more.
  3. DorianGrey


    my purest intentions :D
  4. DorianGrey

    Gifs that turn you on

    that moment when she surrenders to your pounding
  5. DorianGrey

    Gifs that turn you on

    perfect support
  6. DorianGrey

    Men cumming

    For sure you've made the day for many of them.
  7. DorianGrey

    Looking for chat share fun

    With that rack probably you'll be able to get a chat and everything else you might want and need. However this is what I'd like to share with you.
  8. DorianGrey

    Wanna play?

    I'd love to help but you're a bit far. However here are my best intentions:
  9. DorianGrey

    Up my bum

    This is my aim. To see your world reduced to two things me and my cock smashing your asshole, to the point that you are not moaning but groaning in a state of uninhibited lust, where all barriers fall and there is only one thing in your mind: More, I want more!
  10. DorianGrey

    Up my bum

    I like the idea of having you like this, just so I can see your face as my cock enters your ass and then being able to see your eyes start to lose focus and glaze as I pound you into oblivion.
  11. DorianGrey

    Thank you

    I'd plow you like a workhorse.
  12. DorianGrey

    For dazleeds47

    I'd like to have you for myself for a night. What sensations you would experience .
  13. DorianGrey

    Horny couple looking for 3 some maybe more

    Hi there, your proposal sounds interesting. You have my attention. Shall we talk more in private?
  14. DorianGrey

    Any males/dominant men in manny up for some fun?

    I'm a DOM. If you haven't found what you need yet, drop me a line and we will see from there.
  15. DorianGrey


    I like it when you collapse under the pressure of the pounding, when you let loose and the moan becomes a groan of feral lust.
  16. DorianGrey

    Fantasy thoughts

    I would take you from behind, licking your neck and teasing your earlobe, then I'd put my fingers in your hair and pull forcing your back to arch, whispering you all the things I'm about to do to you. Spank your ass with my free hand and force your legs to open. I'd grab your panties and pull...
  17. DorianGrey

    Little tits for pain

    I'd like to see how badly you really want it.
  18. DorianGrey

    Little tits for pain

    If done, it needs to be done so you'll squeeze your legs just thinking about it in retrospective .
  19. DorianGrey

    Anyone want to fuck my wife as I watch?

    I'm interested.
  20. DorianGrey

    PAWG Hotwife here looking for all kinds of extra-marital fun

    No mate, I'm into doing not watching :)