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  1. Littlegav80

    No reply

    Yep how are you
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    No reply

    Never seem to get a personal response?? For sex chat or meets
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    Let me play with my wet pussy ;)

    Looks like mine dick twin lol
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    THE TIT THREAD (feel free to add more)

    Hit me up
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    Count down and show some skin!

  6. Littlegav80

    Bored Girlfriend Looking for Experience

    Good morning I'm 44:in north west looking for some flirty chat to start with so let's start eh x
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    Describe You (A-Z)

  8. Littlegav80

    Need to Cum

  9. Littlegav80

    Need cock badly

    How old are you
  10. Littlegav80

    Need cock badly

    Yea watching tv
  11. Littlegav80

    Need cock badly

    Worked last night house to myself before bed Lancashire
  12. Littlegav80

    Need cock badly

  13. Littlegav80

    Need cock badly

  14. Littlegav80

    Bi oral on sniff

    No not sure if I could
  15. Littlegav80

    Manchester hook up?

    All cock
  16. Littlegav80

    Hiyyyyyaaaaa everyone

    Sounds like fun DM me xxc