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  1. Emeris

    St Austell

    Going to be I St Austell this weekend (23-26 Jul). Any horny ladies faNYC meeting for a drink and more ;)
  2. Emeris

    Bath time

    A nice relaxing bath followed by a sensual massage
  3. Emeris


    I have been chatting to a woman on a chat site who wants me to find her a third man to play with. I am straight, never had a threesome before. She is 33, lovely body and lives around North London, I am near Heathrow. Anyone local enough to discuss the option a bit more ?
  4. Emeris

    Morning sex

    The best way to start a day ... waking up spooning against a sexy woman with a hard on and holding a itit :)
  5. Emeris

    Normal sex

    Does anybody enjoy normal sex anymore? Most of the chats and gifs are about abuse and control, I just want to enjoy the company of a sexy, horny woman for a couple of hours of hot passionate sex.
  6. Emeris

    No Chat Rooms

    Hi, I can't see any chat rooms. Is there a problem with my account as I can't see anything wrong with my laptop?
  7. Emeris

    Time for a haircut

    I thought things were getting out of hand so thought it was time for a trim ...
  8. Emeris

    Position of the Week

    One of my favourites but adding a butterfly vibe for extra fun :)
  9. Emeris


    I spent 7 hours cutting a hedge in the middle of a housing estate in the glorious sunshine and didnt even see a decent looking woman never mind one that wanted me to trim her bush !!!
  10. Emeris

    Choices in Underwear ....

    I have always loved a women in sexy lingerie. I think it makes her look really sexy, especially as I undress her and love the feel of a womans curves through soft lace and silky satin. But - do women find the same in men? Does any particular underwear turn women on in the same way? Do you...
  11. Emeris

    Favourite position ...

    I like the scissor position because I can reach everything while my cock is in deep ...
  12. Emeris

    Posti g Pictures

    I have tried several times to post pics in profile messages and failed miserably. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
  13. Emeris

    Slow and Sensual

    I like to take my time to enjoy to enjoy my lover, especially if she is wearing sexy lingerie ..... Lots of kissing and caressing, hands exploring, kissing and licking my way down your body from your lips to your pussy ...
  14. Emeris

    Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire

    Do you like slow sensual sex? Waking you by kissing and caressing, hands exploring, kissing and licking my way down your body from your lips to your pussy ...
  15. Emeris

    Saturday morning

    I could really do with a horny woman to play with, in person would be ideal but online would do
  16. Emeris

    Anything exciting

    Is anyone doing anybody exciting tonight ? I am off to the pub to see what is going on.
  17. Emeris

    Attention needed

    I think my cock is sulking due yo lack of attention ....