Create Your Own Chat Room

Starting your own free personal chat room couldn't be easier. Just enter the username you want at the top, and a chat room will be created, named after the username you enter. It will go on existing for as long as someone is in it, so be sure to fill it up with chatters if you want it to last. You will retain control of the chat room for as long as you control the username, so if you want it to be a permanent thing, the best thing you can do is register your username, then enter your chat room from inside chat with the "My Room" link in the menu at the top left. Do this, and you'll be set as the room administrator every time you log back in.

Create Your Own Free Chat Room

December 7, 2017

Our primary chat rooms are some of the best adult chat rooms you can find. They are easy to use and popular, and serve just about every niche, but what if you want something of your own, to serve a purpose we haven't thought of? Read on to learn how you can own and manage your own chat room for free!